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No wonder they call this stage “the terrible TWO’s“!

What happened to my adorable little angel who listened to everything I say, went to bed at 7pm and slept till 7am, ate everything I put in front of her, never fought with her brother etc……… was like on her second birthday she was Possessed by a Devil!!

Yes I am exaggerating a little bit, but some days, man I just feel like she is a completely different child.

She won’t eat

Fights going to bed

Gets up too early (5:30??)

Fights with her brother

Everything is “MINE”

Everything else is “NO”

Tantrums, crying, whining, etc etc!!

So I did a little bit of analysis on this stage of development.  Poor darling has had a rough year.  We moved her into a big girl bed, in a new room.  Had to make room for the new baby on the way, right?

We took away her bottle.  Started potty training.  Brought home a new baby.

All of a sudden her role in the family as “the baby” was gone….and now she has to figure out who she is and how she fits into this world.

She is not only TWO, but also a middle child, and has a new sibling who took her place!

She doesn’t fit in as the oldest, my 6 year old son gets that role.

So she has to completely redefine who she is.  She is trying desperately to be a big girl, take care of her baby sister, play with all of the big kid toys my 6 year old has (thus starting the fights), do everything herself.  Then at the same time, she still needs mommy & daddy’s attention, cuddles, and to be treated, well, like a baby sometimes.

What a tough time for my two year old.

I’m trying now to implement some changes in our household I’m hoping will help her through her terrible twos.

1.  Giving her lots of ONE on ONE time….either with myself, daddy, or even her granny

2.  Giving her some big girl responsibilities/jobs, i.e. “doing the dishes” she LOVES this activity and it makes her feel very important

3.  Giving her cuddle time before bed or nap time, rocking her like a baby in her rocking chair

I don’t really know how to make her eat better, though we are trying just giving her as many choices & variety of healthy foods.  No WAY will she sit down and consider eating a meal right now.

As for sleeping, well probably time to take away a daytime nap right?

As for me, I think a much needed break away from her for a few hours will help me give HER a better side of me.

Some great resources I found:



Okay probably this is a RANT…………….because I get very little sleep most nights.

Then last night I feed my baby (she is almost 6 months old) at 10pm, she goes right back to sleep, and doesn’t she sleep for 7 hours……………

IN A ROW!!!!!


When I heard her stir at 5am I assumed it was maybe 1am, when I saw the clock I sat straight up in bed FREAKING OUT………”is she okay?, why did she sleep so long?”……….but of course, she’s fine…..just wanted to be fed a little (well alot at that point cause my boobs were FULL)………..and then the little angel goes right BACK TO SLEEP!!!

This baby (my 3rd) is an angel, a doll, a smiley happy beautiful baby girl.  But she has never slept well or long……………7 hours in a row………….unbelievable……….and of course I know it won’t last, I’m sure tonight she’ll be back in her routine of every 3 to 4 hours……….but that’s okay I love her and I know not to expect 12 hours a night……….YET

THEN comes the best part of the story………….


I’m just getting comfy back in bed at 5:20am, baby sound asleep, and what do I hear from my toddler’s room…..”mummy????”………I put the pillow over my head hoping I am just dreaming……….no….no….no…please God just a bit more sleep!

it gets louder, and more insistant……..”mummy????”, “muuummmmy??”  includes tears this time………


I rush to get up and save this situation before she wakes the baby back up or worse yet my 6 year old son, hoping desparately to get my toddler BACK to Sleep….

I try rocking her

I try rubbing her back

I try


5:45 am

I stumble with my darling (!!!!!!) toddler downstairs, tv on, she is WIDE awake, and I’m brewing some much needed coffee.


Well this is my first post on my new blog!

This blog is not intended for NEGATIVE rants per se, however I may have a thing or two to complain about, after all I am a busy mother of 3 young children and a business owner.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you, me and the world some of my thoughts on parenting, pregnancy, being a mother and business / working woman.

As I write this post my youngest is watching me intently from her excersaucer, I’m constantly telling my 2 year old; “stop putting your feet on your sisters face, be quiet and watch your show”.  That is pretty much the pace of my life.  But I’m happy with it, it is my busy life, and my kids are the reason I was put on this earth.  Of that I am certain!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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