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6 Months Old Already!!

Posted on: December 4, 2008

And she’s squeeling away with delight beside me in her exersaucer.

What a good baby, my third, a beautiful daughter with a crazy head of hair and a world class smile.

Gorgeous blue eyes, 2 little teeth, and a perfect personality.

How does time fly by so quickly?  Wasn’t it just yesterday my toddler was at this stage?  Pregnancy feels like it lasts FOREVER, each day dragging on painfully and uncomfortably.  Then when the baby arrives time speeds back up again, and next thing you know they are all grown up!

Babies grow so much in the first year of life, don’t they?  From a tiny little 8pound bundle of joy that can’t even hold up her own head, by the time she is one she will have grown to probably 20 pounds or so and be able to crawl, say a few words, eat food on her own, and maybe even be walking!  It is simply amazing!

Her latest development is her ability to sit up all by herself.  I can plop her down on a mat with a handful of toys and she amuses herself endlessly………………………

until she flops over that is,

then she can roll across the room faster than I can get a pillow in front of the coffee table!


Feeding a 6 month old is lots of fun too, there are so many RULES to follow!

When my son was an infant, it was recommended to start solids at 4 months, i.e. cereals etc.

When my second daughter was an infant it was recommended to start solids BETWEEN 4 and 6 months.

NOW they say don’t start ANY solids until 6 months !!!


Well I cheated, and I decided to start her on cereal just after 5 months.  So now at 6 months she’s successfully been introduced to rice, oat & barley cereal, and a few veggies;

sweet potatoes, squash, green beens and carrots

Well it only took me a couple of breaks to write this blog entry between hitting the “SAVE” button and rushing to handle some minor baby or toddler crisis, so that is a good day!

Happy 6 Month Birthday my little darling!


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