My Family Rants


Posted on: December 7, 2008

Its FREEZING outside, the perfect excuse to stay inside, stay warm and TRY to have a nice relaxing day!

The week is always so insanely busy, when I finally do get a day to actually “relax” I can never sit still for long.

Yes I’m trying to get laundry done, tidy tidy tidy up, cook meals, dress kids, change kids, change diapers, bath time, nap time etc….but somewhere in THAT I try to find 15 minutes to myself to just “relax”.

Going to work is almost more relaxing than a quiet day at home with the KIDS


Physically I am definately more tired after a day at home with the kids than a day at the office.  I’m on my feet most of the day at home, instead of at my desk all day at work.

During nap time is the best time, and here I am enjoying 15 minutes to sit and write on my blog with no interruptions Yay!!


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