My Family Rants


Posted on: December 12, 2008

I really really really wanted to get a picture of my 3 kids with Santa this year.

Last year my daughter freaked out, so I have a great photo of my son.   I figured for sure this year would be it!

I got each of them all dressed up, the girls in tights and a little christmas dress, and my son in a white shirt and clip on Christmas tie.

My MIL came over to help we got the kids bundled up and piled into the truck, drove to the mall, found a parking spot, got the baby bundled into her stroller, and marched into the mall.  Marched the team through the grocery store into the mall, all the way down to the other end where the pathetic Santa setup is, and lo and behold:


Leave it to small town Oville to only have Santa at the mall from 6:pm – 8:pm.  WHAT the @#$# IS THAT???

Look at my watch, it’s 4:45.


They are all so cute and eager to see Santa, now I haven’t fed any of them yet, nor did I bring anything with me, so Im thinking…….hmm do I risk it, do we wait it out for 1 hour and 15 minutes?  Well I thought lets see how it goes, I had some stuff to pick up anyways, and I really really really wanted a picture of all three kids with Santa!

The kids were SO well behaved and the hour soon passed.

The good thing about the wait was we were first in line.  BUT the second family in line had a toddler who was NOT behaving as well as my three angels who were belting out their own rendition of “Santa Clause is coming to town” for everyone to hear.  So I told the lady, take your kids to see Santa first………………………….


This lady’s kid SCREAMED as soon as she got near Santa, and my daughter is looking on watching intently

And then when it was our turn, I marched up and greeted Santa with my three gorgeous little angels, my son hops up on his knee, I gently hand him the baby and try to get Ella to stand in front of him for the photo……….


No way she was going anywhere NEAR this strange man in a crazy red suit an big fake white beard.

So this year I got a great photo of my oldest and my youngest with Santa……………………..

Maybe next year!


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