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Diaper Rash

Posted on: December 15, 2008

Poor beanie has a BAD diaper rash.  So far I’ve tried 3 different creams and none of them have done any good.



Life Brand Zinc Cream: yes might be the cheapest but in the past it has usually worked the best for me!

I found this on Wikipedia:

Effects of diet

The interaction between fecal enzyme activity and IDD explains the observation that infant diet and diaper rash are linked, since fecal enzymes are in turn affected by diet. Breast-fed babies, for example, have a lower incidence of diaper rash, possibly because their stools have lower pH and lower enzymatic activity (Hockenberry, 2003). Diaper rash is also most likely to be diagnosed in infants 8–12 months old, perhaps in response to an increase in eating solid foods and dietary changes around that age that affect fecal composition. Any time an infant’s diet undergoes a significant change (i.e. from breast milk to formula or from milk to solids) there appears to be an increased likelihood of diaper rash (Atherton and Mills, 2004).

Since we have been working through introducing lots of new foods, vegetables, fruit & grains, I have a feeling my baby’s diaper rash is very likely due to her diet.

I’m home with her tomorrow so I think I’ll give her as much “AIR” time as I can to try & dry out the area.

Poor baby :{


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