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Poor Baby :(

Posted on: December 21, 2008

I was up for hours with my baby last night, she is all stuffed up, possibly teething??  She was so stuffed up she couldn’t suck on her soother.  So finally after trying to get her back to sleep for an hour I brought her downstairs, and I used one of the evil little snot suckers:

mucus1These cannot be comfortable!  They certainly work well, tons of yucky stuff comes barreling out, but the baby coughs & gags as you do it and screams bloody murder.  After lots of cuddling after baby settles better, we watch an episode of Baby Einstein, me half dead from lack of sleep, and baby happily screaming away (please don’t wake up the other children!!!!).

Finally almost 2 hours later I get her back to sleep barely, as she is still crying every 2 minutes or so in her sleep.  I wait for her to break into a full fledged crying fit, but at somepoint lucky both she and I went back to sleep for about another 2 hours until I heard the toddler “mommy” “mommy” at 6:15AM

Baby still sleeping, hope she is better today

Poor Baby 😦


1 Response to "Poor Baby :("

My baby hates that thing and gives me a look like “how could you be so cruel?” She also despises having her nails cut and goes into a full fledged tantrum.

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