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Mother In Laws!!!!

Posted on: December 29, 2008

Mother In Laws; some also call them “Monster in laws”…………………but here’s the thing,



My Mother in Law!!

I think I am the exception to the rule, I have an excellent relationship with my mother in law.  I hear the nightmare stories from my girlfriends about their mother in laws and I cringe…!  But I never have an issue, and I think my friends stare at me in envy.  Jealous much??

My mother in law has been in my life since I was 15, and has acted like a mother to me since I can remember.  She helps with the kids, yes HELPS, does not interfer.  She respects my methods of keeping a household and raising the kids.  She has never said to me “you SHOULD be doing it this way”.  She does not have those “mommy & son” issues I have heard about.

Now she has a few “quirks”.  She likes to spoil the children, and as a Granny I figure it is her right to do so.  But she is kind of obsessed with a few items;


I don’t know why but this one is a huge obsession!  The kids have so many chairs I don’t know where to put them all, i.e. little Dora Directors Chair, mini Antique Queen Anne Chair (times 2!!!), little red bean bag chairs, and the most recent purchase for the baby a little wooden rocking chair that converts into a stool or a regular chair (k it’s very cool).  My mother in law buys them some new little chair everytime I’m not looking!  Jeez it’s FUNNY!

Night Lights, blankets, Xmas tree ornaments, books, towels

Mitts; gloves, mitts, water proof, hand knit, mitts with strings to wind through the sleeves, red, pink, blue, white I have a bench in my hall FILLED with mitts………….so at least I’ll never run out as the kids lose them!!

So here is my post dedicated to my Mother In Law; thanks for always being there, helping us out when we need you, and even when we don’t (not meant to be sarcastic), loving the kids the way you do, being a mother, therapist, cleaner, personal shopper, handyman, gardener, and most of all; friend!


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