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Shopping with a toddler and a 6 month old!

Posted on: December 30, 2008

Went way better than I thought it would!  Thought the shopping mall was PACKED, I think every person in the Province decided today would be a great day to hit the mall too…

The girls were very well behaved, all considering.  Here’s what I love about the Upper Canada Mall :

Family Washrooms: big enough to fit a double stroller, and they have a little potty beside the big toilet.  My daughter, who is potty training loved this!  Until that is the toilet flushed on it’s own when she was on it!!!  She totally freaked out, I think she might need therapy.  Seriously though, she was okay once I explained all Mall potty’s flushed on their own.

Stroller rentals: okay, while I had the double stroller with me, if I didn’t; I could have rented a two level FIRE TRUCK stroller!  Totally awesome!

Play Park: The best distraction……..and bribe for my toddler.  This walled in mini park is the perfect place to sit and feed the baby while my toddler runs wild with other toddlers and kids.

Then there are the stores, which were all having boxing day sales today!  My favorite include:



Jacob Connection, Roots, Mexx, H&M etc. etc.


1 Response to "Shopping with a toddler and a 6 month old!"

Good job having such a fun trip with the children in tow! And both of those two stores had a terrific sale going on for kids clothes! I love both of them for all my grandkids sturdy cotton clothes.

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