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Yup the 2 girls are down with some kind of virus.  Started with low fever, then diahhrea, runny nose, sneezes, now congested and coughing.

Orla was up at 5:30am.  Too congested and stuffed up to take her soother/pacifier.  So downstairs we headed and I stumbled around to make coffee in the dark.  I was too tired to put the light on at first.  Then I realized the coffee can was too empty for me to scrounge one more pot of coffee out of it.  So I had to use my piece of crap can opener to open a new can.  Nearly broke my hand.  Why can’t Tim Horton’s have an easy open can of coffee?  I guess I’m too much of a coffee snob to complain too much.  It’s not like I’ll just settle for Maxwell House coffee just because they have an easy open top.  But it sure would have made my morning that much easier!

The good news is we have NOTHING to do today but relax!  I’m staying in my pj’s till noon!

By the way, did anyone else catch the recent story in the News about VICKS VAPOUR RUB?  Apparantly by putting in on or near the nostrils it actually increases mucus production!

And anyone heard about putting this stuff on a child’s feet??  I’ve never understood this one??

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She is almost there folks;

rocking, reaching, scooching,pulling,

then she gets into position and takes off across the room…….


I’m assuming once she figures out how to move her body better she’ll change direction but for now it is pretty funny to watch!

Time to bring out the safety gates again, once she’s on the move there will be no stopping her!

Today I introduced Orla to wheat cereal.  I’ve waited this long because of her dairy allergy.  I wanted to make sure she was clear of hives for a few weeks before introducing something new, especially an item that is known to cause allergies in some babies.  So far so good.  I don’t know how long she would have to be on a food for it to show up as an allergy, probably  at least a few days right?

Anyways, after all the thought & effort and stress of starting this new type of food………………….I carefully read the label………………………………

“This cereal is produced on equipment that also processes milk.  It is not suitable for babies at risk of a severe reaction to cow’s milk.”


A great family activity, even Orla at 7 months was screeching with joy as the older kids jumped around the bowling alley.

Now they didn’t have the kiddie rails available, so we took our chances with the 2 year old.  But she actually did pretty good.  Only a few times did the ball end up stopped halfway down the alley and then the rest of us raced to see who could “knock” it out of the way 🙂

My son, who is 6, came very close to my sucky score of 85, well you know he is constantly playing the Wii Bowling!


Our bowling alley also has GAMES, which is pretty much the only reason the kids want to go.  For $20 in tokens, we could play a variety of tacky & cheap video games, some of which if you were lucky did NOT take the token.  If you are REALLY lucky you might win a ticket or two.

At the end of it, the $20 in tokens nets you some tickets which you can redeem for a dollar store toy!  The kids LOVE this!

Bowling; a great activity for a cold & snowy Saturday afternoon!

Went to Vegas for a few days; half business half pleasure 🙂

It was my first time there, oh man what a great time!

vegas-020 It was fun to see “old” Vegas, as well as the new parts.  Way too much to see and do in just 3 days.

I missed the kids while I was away, but it was nice to get a break as well.  I think small breaks are healthy for everyone.  For me anyways, it makes me appreciate them that much more when I come home!  I think allowing myself some grownup times makes me a better mom.

Some highlights of my trip: partying at Lavo nightclub, eating at Tao, shopping!!!

We stayed at the Gold Coast, a smaller hotel, but for $35/night can you really go wrong?  It was perfect, a very relaxed atmosphere, and we could just grab a cab to the strip…….or walk across the street to the Palms.

Happy to be home and back with the kids, I would definately go to vegas again!

How is your time allocated?  Try this little test:

How many Hours do you spend doing the following (in an average day):   my answers are in pink

Childcare on average 8 hours (3morn, 5 evening)

Housework, running the household, making meals, laundry etc etc 4 hours

Work 8.0 hours

Eating, Personal Hygiene 2 hours

Sleep 8 hours

Free time HAHAHAHA

Well how is this possible, the total is 30 hours, and that does not include free time??  As you can see I mega multi task, so I am often working while watching the children, or doing housework while watching the children, as I’m sure most mothers do.

I’m reading this book: “The Secret of Happy Children” by Steve Biddulph

Not far into it yet, but it already has hooked me.  The first part of the book talks about how the things that we, as parents, say everyday to our kids are programming them consiously and sub-consiously, i.e. hypnotizing.

I am obviously doing absolutely everything wrong, and am probably on the road to putting my children in therapy for the rest of their lives (according to the book anyways)

For example, if you tell your child on a regular basis “you are such an idiot”, that gets planted into their minds and will affect their self esteem for the rest of their lives.  Even if you are saying it just in a “kidding” sort of way.

Here are some of the things you should NOT say to your child:

“Hey, elephant ears!  Dinner’s ready”

“You’re as bad as your father!”

“Why can’t you be sweet and good like your baby brother?”

“You hit him again and I’ll KILL you!!”

“She’s very shy I don’t know what’ll become of her”   (telling other people when child is in ear shot)

“He sure BELTED her, He’s a real little tiger”

and my personal favorite:

“GOD, you exhaust me!  I’m so sick I could just lie down and die”

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