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30 Hours in Each Day?

Posted on: January 6, 2009

How is your time allocated?  Try this little test:

How many Hours do you spend doing the following (in an average day):   my answers are in pink

Childcare on average 8 hours (3morn, 5 evening)

Housework, running the household, making meals, laundry etc etc 4 hours

Work 8.0 hours

Eating, Personal Hygiene 2 hours

Sleep 8 hours

Free time HAHAHAHA

Well how is this possible, the total is 30 hours, and that does not include free time??  As you can see I mega multi task, so I am often working while watching the children, or doing housework while watching the children, as I’m sure most mothers do.


3 Responses to "30 Hours in Each Day?"

We really are an amazing bunch us Mom’s. Love this post idea, can I snag it??

copy away 🙂 glad you liked it!

We as woman are so good at multitasking!! My husband even admits that he cannot multitask. 🙂

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