My Family Rants

Back from Vacation

Posted on: January 17, 2009

Went to Vegas for a few days; half business half pleasure 🙂

It was my first time there, oh man what a great time!

vegas-020 It was fun to see “old” Vegas, as well as the new parts.  Way too much to see and do in just 3 days.

I missed the kids while I was away, but it was nice to get a break as well.  I think small breaks are healthy for everyone.  For me anyways, it makes me appreciate them that much more when I come home!  I think allowing myself some grownup times makes me a better mom.

Some highlights of my trip: partying at Lavo nightclub, eating at Tao, shopping!!!

We stayed at the Gold Coast, a smaller hotel, but for $35/night can you really go wrong?  It was perfect, a very relaxed atmosphere, and we could just grab a cab to the strip…….or walk across the street to the Palms.

Happy to be home and back with the kids, I would definately go to vegas again!


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