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This week: 2 sick kids…….COFFEE PLEASE

Posted on: January 29, 2009

Yup the 2 girls are down with some kind of virus.  Started with low fever, then diahhrea, runny nose, sneezes, now congested and coughing.

Orla was up at 5:30am.  Too congested and stuffed up to take her soother/pacifier.  So downstairs we headed and I stumbled around to make coffee in the dark.  I was too tired to put the light on at first.  Then I realized the coffee can was too empty for me to scrounge one more pot of coffee out of it.  So I had to use my piece of crap can opener to open a new can.  Nearly broke my hand.  Why can’t Tim Horton’s have an easy open can of coffee?  I guess I’m too much of a coffee snob to complain too much.  It’s not like I’ll just settle for Maxwell House coffee just because they have an easy open top.  But it sure would have made my morning that much easier!

The good news is we have NOTHING to do today but relax!  I’m staying in my pj’s till noon!

By the way, did anyone else catch the recent story in the News about VICKS VAPOUR RUB?  Apparantly by putting in on or near the nostrils it actually increases mucus production!

And anyone heard about putting this stuff on a child’s feet??  I’ve never understood this one??

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1 Response to "This week: 2 sick kids…….COFFEE PLEASE"

We’ve been so lucky this winter (knocking really hard on wood atm) and have missed many bugs. The Vicks on the feet really does work if you have a nasty cough, weird but true.

Timmie’s needs to go one step further and start to deliver, my DH would be so so very happy LOL.

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