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Could she really walk this early?

Posted on: February 28, 2009

9 months old and she is crawling across the floor at lightning speed, but she really enjoys pulling herself up on every piece of furniture within reach and creeping around on her feet. Could she possibly start walking this young??


3 Responses to "Could she really walk this early?"

She most definately could, my girls were all early walkers. Kids keep getting smarter and smarter it seems 🙂

Yep! Get ready for lightning quick rescues as she tries out her new found skills. My first born walked at nine months. That was an indication on how he did Everything! I had to scramble to stay ahead of him all the time, so much so that when I had twins 5 years later – they were pretty easy to handle after him. And remember to get all your safety issues (cabinet locks, tablecloths hanging in reach of reaching fingers, etc) tended to before she is uprightly mobile. Enjoy!

How exciting!! we are in the process of babyproofing the house. Vi is just creeping backwards currently.

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