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Going to get the 6 year old and the 3 year old up on Ski’s this week for the first time.  Well my daughter is actually only 2 years and 11 months old, but they are making an exception to enrol her in the age 3-5 junior kids camp.  This includes the ski rentals, lift pass, and 2 hours of time with a private instructor.

We are going to Blue Mountain, and staying in a chalet rented from Blue Chalets.  The mother in law is joining us and a few other family members.  Might as well get some help if I can right?

It is of course the last full week of skiing here in Ontario, and it will be very springlike skiing conditions.  I hope the kids enjoy it, because their dad loves to ski!  And Snowboard.  Me; okay not so much.  I did ski in high school, but I had a wicked wipe out in Vermont, and that kind of freaked me out for life.

I much prefer the comfort of the ski lodge with a nice cup of hot chocolate (with whip cream of course), or a nice glass of Pinot Grigio depending on the time of day.


9 months old and she is crawling across the floor at lightning speed, but she really enjoys pulling herself up on every piece of furniture within reach and creeping around on her feet. Could she possibly start walking this young??

A great family activity, even Orla at 7 months was screeching with joy as the older kids jumped around the bowling alley.

Now they didn’t have the kiddie rails available, so we took our chances with the 2 year old.  But she actually did pretty good.  Only a few times did the ball end up stopped halfway down the alley and then the rest of us raced to see who could “knock” it out of the way 🙂

My son, who is 6, came very close to my sucky score of 85, well you know he is constantly playing the Wii Bowling!


Our bowling alley also has GAMES, which is pretty much the only reason the kids want to go.  For $20 in tokens, we could play a variety of tacky & cheap video games, some of which if you were lucky did NOT take the token.  If you are REALLY lucky you might win a ticket or two.

At the end of it, the $20 in tokens nets you some tickets which you can redeem for a dollar store toy!  The kids LOVE this!

Bowling; a great activity for a cold & snowy Saturday afternoon!

Another month and she keeps changing so quickly!  I think she is going to be crawling soon, she almost gets into position from sitting.  I don’t think I’m ready for her to be mobile yet, but can’t explain that to her!

I’ve been a little slower getting her on solid foods.  She is on all the veggies, most fruits, cereal, and just introduced chicken and turkey.  I’m waiting to introduce Wheat because she had such a reaction to dairy, I thought I’d wait a few more weeks.  So I’ve also not tried any finger foods.  Boy I’m really behind!

Info on Month Seven development from Canadian Parents

Here is the same info from

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Why is it that kids fight?  Brother & Sister constantly fighting and driving their parents crazy!  (that means me)

Sometimes I just don’t know how to cope with the constants battles.  Everything one child is doing the other wants to do too. Play with the same toy, sit on the same chair or spot on the couch, eat the same thing.  They fight fight fight all the time!

Am I doing something wrong?

I try to encourage my 6 year old to leave the room, and “remove himself from the situation” which these days seems to be always caused by my 2 year old.  But if he plays into the behaviour, it becomes a full blown royal rumble!

Here is some great advice on the topic from

  • Avoid becoming involved in every argument between siblings. Try not to become a constant referee and hover over your children’s play. However, ensure that no child is constantly being teased, put down or physically hurt by a sibling.

  • Avoid comparing siblings. In particular, try not to say that one child is better in some way than the other. Do not label children (for example, “the smart one” or “the shy one”). These comparisons not only set up rivalries, but can also become self-fulfilling prophecies.

  • Develop a general “no violence” rule in your home, which also applies to sibling fights. Your children will soon learn that hurting a sibling is not tolerated!

  • Don’t expect sibling rivalry only after a baby is born. It often doesn’t occur until the new baby is about six months old, awake for much of the day and more of a little person.

  • Understand that it won’t always be possible to give everything equally, and explain to your children that sometimes it will be their turn to get something and sometimes it won’t. Being fair to each of your children and meeting their needs, does not mean everything is always equal.

  • Try to have one-on-one time with each child individually, as it makes a child feel very special to be the only one around sometimes.

  • When fighting does occur, often it is best to separate the children. However, if you are feeling up to it and the fighting hasn’t escalated too much, it can be a great opportunity to teach children about conflict resolution and problem-solving. You can do this by asking each child for his point of view of what happened, and then asking for ideas on how to resolve the situation. Although the children may suggest some crazy solutions, you will be surprised how they will also suggest some innovative ones.

  • Look carefully at how you deal with disagreements with your partner and your children when one arises. Do you solve the problem heatedly, yet peacefully, swearing and walking out, hitting, ignoring (coming to no conclusion) or taking deep breaths and trying to talk it out? This gives children a pattern to follow.

  • When they fight, don’t take sides, especially if you weren’t there to see exactly what happened. Have them spend a few minutes away from each other so they can calm down, then ask them to return so you can all talk about it together.

  • Encourage your children to talk about their feelings with each other and to try to settle their differences with words, not actions. Explain how important it is to listen to each other.

  • Avoid taking on the job of referee – kids have to learn to resolve disagreements themselves, more and more as they get older. When you feel your children are ready, stay close by in case they need you, but tell them that you think they can work out the disagreement on their own.

  • Remember that some fighting is fun for children, and there is no reason for you to intervene at those times.

May 12, 1947 – December 30, 2003

It’s hard to believe it was 5 years ago today that my dear mother left this world.  I think about her every single day.  Her death ended many years of pain, both mental and physical.  I imagine her now somewhere at peace and without pain or worry.  I sense her close to me always.

I miss the way I could talk to her about almost anything, like she was a girlfriend instead of my mother.  I miss the horrible fruit juice she used to make that was so incredibly watered down.  I miss her calling me about something on TV that she thought I would be interested in, even though usually I wasn’t.

I grieve that she did not live long enough to see me walk down the aisle, or to meet her two grand daughters.  I am grateful that she was still here when my son was born, but sad that she was mostly too unhealthy to enjoy him.  I do believe that she is watching over me and my family, and that gives me comfort.

Love you mom!

Mother In Laws; some also call them “Monster in laws”…………………but here’s the thing,



My Mother in Law!!

I think I am the exception to the rule, I have an excellent relationship with my mother in law.  I hear the nightmare stories from my girlfriends about their mother in laws and I cringe…!  But I never have an issue, and I think my friends stare at me in envy.  Jealous much??

My mother in law has been in my life since I was 15, and has acted like a mother to me since I can remember.  She helps with the kids, yes HELPS, does not interfer.  She respects my methods of keeping a household and raising the kids.  She has never said to me “you SHOULD be doing it this way”.  She does not have those “mommy & son” issues I have heard about.

Now she has a few “quirks”.  She likes to spoil the children, and as a Granny I figure it is her right to do so.  But she is kind of obsessed with a few items;


I don’t know why but this one is a huge obsession!  The kids have so many chairs I don’t know where to put them all, i.e. little Dora Directors Chair, mini Antique Queen Anne Chair (times 2!!!), little red bean bag chairs, and the most recent purchase for the baby a little wooden rocking chair that converts into a stool or a regular chair (k it’s very cool).  My mother in law buys them some new little chair everytime I’m not looking!  Jeez it’s FUNNY!

Night Lights, blankets, Xmas tree ornaments, books, towels

Mitts; gloves, mitts, water proof, hand knit, mitts with strings to wind through the sleeves, red, pink, blue, white I have a bench in my hall FILLED with mitts………….so at least I’ll never run out as the kids lose them!!

So here is my post dedicated to my Mother In Law; thanks for always being there, helping us out when we need you, and even when we don’t (not meant to be sarcastic), loving the kids the way you do, being a mother, therapist, cleaner, personal shopper, handyman, gardener, and most of all; friend!

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