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A great family activity, even Orla at 7 months was screeching with joy as the older kids jumped around the bowling alley.

Now they didn’t have the kiddie rails available, so we took our chances with the 2 year old.  But she actually did pretty good.  Only a few times did the ball end up stopped halfway down the alley and then the rest of us raced to see who could “knock” it out of the way 🙂

My son, who is 6, came very close to my sucky score of 85, well you know he is constantly playing the Wii Bowling!


Our bowling alley also has GAMES, which is pretty much the only reason the kids want to go.  For $20 in tokens, we could play a variety of tacky & cheap video games, some of which if you were lucky did NOT take the token.  If you are REALLY lucky you might win a ticket or two.

At the end of it, the $20 in tokens nets you some tickets which you can redeem for a dollar store toy!  The kids LOVE this!

Bowling; a great activity for a cold & snowy Saturday afternoon!


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